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Peak Season:Are You Ready

Update time:2020/7/4 15:59:13

Peak Season:Are You Ready

Since the beginning of July, a lot of customer response to us said: "the delivery date is too long, we paid the money but we don't get the goods soon, I don't want to wait any longer" and so on.As a factory manufacturer, we have some words want to tell all over the world is to cooperate with us always, and plan to cooperate with us and the customer haven't cooperate with us.

Double Star Sports Goods Co., LTD., we are a factory manufacturer of billiard/pool tables, table tennis tables ,football tables, air hockey tables and other sport game tables.With the continuous development of 26 years, relying on high quality products, competitive price and efficient service, we have accumulated a large number of customers in the whole world, makes us 365 days all the year round in the peak season, So some customers complain that the delivery time is too long, especially for new customers, delivery is too long can't let them wait.Here, as the sales department, we want to provide some advice.First, although we have no off-season all year round, the factory is busiest from July to October every year. If you are our regular customer, you can arrange your orders in advance according to this time.Second, if you are a new customer and plan to cooperate with us for the first time, we will try to shorten the delivery time and provide support for you.Third, no matter what customer you are, the best advice is that if you want to keep your business for a long time, I suggest you keep a good order habit, which is to let your orders to the factory manufacturer three months in advance, so that you will never worry about the delivery date.

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