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Professional outdoor table tennis table SZX-T006

Update time:2020/7/31 11:59:05

Table tennis is a hobby of people from all over the world. Generally speaking, people usually play table tennis indoors, because it is easy to be affected by the outdoor weather. However, some people prefer to play table tennis in their own yard, so it is very necessary to have an outdoor table tennis table.

 Double Star Sports Products Co., LTD has a professional outdoor table tennis table, SZX-T006, which USES characteristic materials on the surface and is not afraid of rain erosion and sunshine stimulation. At present, it has been exported to many countries in the world. The following is the detailed introduction of this product, hope you can like it.

All-Weather Table

This table is ready for the outdoors! The tabletop is a durable 6mm thick aluminum plastic composite surface, resistant to warping and chipping and the table sits on a 30mm x 30mm rust-resistant, powder-coated undercarriage.

Two-Piece Design

The two halves of the  table sit on separate 4-wheel trolley systems, making transport and storage easy. The table can be used in playback position for solo practice or can be used as completely separate multi-functional tables.

Compact and Mobile

Two separable folding halves make the table compact and easy to store. Store the table in tight spaces by combining the nesting halves and wheeling the table to your desired location. Each table half has four caster wheels and locking devices ensuring optimal safety and stability during transport and during play. Separate halves are not only a space saver, but also make it easier to move the table by easing the burden of weight of a whole table.

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