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Billiard table basics that cannot be ignored

Update time:2021/4/8 15:43:23

Billiard table basics that cannot be ignored

  There are many people involved in the sport of billiards, but there are really very few people who have a basic understanding of the billiard table.

First,the basic elements of the billiard table.

  1, the table size of the United States 4.5 * 9 feet or 5 * 10 feet, the British table is usually 6 * 12 feet.

  2, pocket shape U.S. table pocket is large, the pocket is straight; British table pocket is relatively small, the pocket is lonely line type.

  3, Taini model U.S. table is usually called tablecloth, relatively thin, less hair; British table Taini thick, more hair.

  4, the library side down to see, the U.S. table library side is a rib; British table is a certain thickness of the plane.

  5,The balls used in the US table are relatively large, usually 16 balls; the balls in the UK table are relatively small, usually 22 balls.

  6,Ball equipment U.S. table usually use nine ball cue to use; English table usually use snooker cue to use.

  7, the color snooker table is usually green, nine ball table color has several.

Second, the standard size of the billiard table.

  1、Snooker 3820*2035*850mm

  2、American drop bag 2810*1530*850mm

  3、Fancy nine ball 2850*1580*850mm

And then,Billiard Table Prices

 Billiard tables range in price from a few hundred to a few million. For the average billiard enthusiast, a billiard table priced at a few thousand dollars will satisfy your requirements.

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