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How to choose a dartboard?

Update time:2021/6/1 15:45:48

How to choose a dartboard and the right darts?

How to choose darts when there is a low requirement for the field and the equipment is cheap? Here is a little experience and reference for those who are thinking of buying.

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[Wooden Dartboard]

Early dartboards were mostly made of cork or elm, and the maintenance of wooden dartboards was troublesome, as they generally had to be soaked in water every night to prevent them from drying out and deforming. Nowadays, you can only find wooden dartboards in some very sophisticated bars in Europe and America.

[Paper Dartboard]

Paper dartboards are made by rolling up paper in a circle and adding iron hoops. Paper dartboards are arguably one of the cheapest dartboards available.

[Flocked Dartboard]

Flocked dartboards are also made of paper as the main padding material, but with a layer of fiber flocked onto the dartboard. The characteristics of this type of dartboard are economy and aesthetics.

[Magnetic Dartboard]

The magnetic dartboard is made of iron and the magnetic dart used does not have a tip, the tip is a flat magnet with strong magnetism. The characteristic of this kind of dart is that it is safe and will not hurt people or destroy furniture or walls.

[Sisal Dartboard]

Sisal dartboard is the most popular and best quality dartboard in modern times, and it is also the designated dartboard for all regular tournaments. Dartboards are made of sisal fiber. The high quality sisal dartboards produced in England are made of sisal from Africa (mainly Kenya). Most of the darts produced in China are made from Hainan Island, so many people used to call the sisal dartboard as Qiong sisal dartboard.

The production of sisal dartboard is more complicated than other dartboards, as the fibers are extruded with more than 10 tons of pressure, and then the outer ring is fixed with iron hoops. Therefore, a good sisal dartboard is moderately hard, and the dart holes will close automatically after the dart is pulled out of the board, which makes the service life much longer than other dartboards.