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Air hockey table,Cheap air hockey table with overhead electric scorers for sale-SZX

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Published: 2019-12-21


Product Details

SZX 56" Cheap air hockey table with overhead electric scorers for sale

This is an electronic scoring air hockey table, its main material is MDF, the quality of durable, black appearance looks very delicate and beautiful.This is an indoor game, can be placed in homes, hotels, sports entertainment and other places, is very popular in many parts of the world.

Product Description

DSAT001 is a simple design for air hockey table with overhead electrict scorers. It comes with full black color on total product. Wall shaped leg with square holes can help cut the weight.

AT001-1 de.jpg

Specification Sheet

Below is the specification sheet for model#DSAT001. Hopefully, it would be able to give you more details on this product. 

Table Size 56"x25"x32"
Color Black or custom
Material MDF and PVC laminated with switchboard
Scorers Electronic scorer (2fans 220v)
Accessories 2pc pucks and 2pc strikers


Q:What is the material of this table?

A:The main material is MDF, the surface is PVC paste.


Q:Can put it outside?Will it be affected by the weather?

A:This is an indoor product. It is not recommended to put it outside.


Q:How does it work?

A:It uses an electric motor to create an air current that moves the ball on the table so that both sides can hit the ball and score points

Q: If I have some idea on graphic design, can you help me?
A: Yes, we would be very pleased to do it. Once you have some ideas please send it to us. We would be able to assist you to finish it. 

Q: Can I have details about your company?
A: We are a factory based company, specialized in producing various kinds of sports equipment. Our wide product ranges cover soccer table, foosball table, snooker table, tennis table, air hockey, skate board, etc.

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