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54" Hot selling classic cheap sportcraft foosball table for sale

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Published: 2020-01-04


Product Details

54" Hot selling classic cheap sportcraft foosball table for sale

Product Description

MC5404 is a hot selling classic style sportcraft foosball table. Modern outlook with wood grain finish makes it appealing and complements any room. Leveling feet provides a level playing surface. Its size is suitable for most places. Abacus style manual scorers make score tracking easy handling.


Specification sheet

Below is the specification sheet for soccer table model #MCST5404. Hopefully, it would be able to give you more details on this product. If you need any further information, please feel free to send us your inquiry.

Model No. MCS5404
Table Size 54"x29"x34", 1372x727x864mm
Playing Size 45.625" x 25"
Top Rail 4.125"x12mm PB with wooden PVC laminate
Side Aprons 14" x(9mm MDF+15mm PB) with wooden PVC laminate
End Aprons 13.5"x9mm MDF with wooden PVC laminate
Legs 3.75"x12mm PB with wooden PVC laminate 
Leg Levelers 3.5" black plastic leveler
Rod Caps 8 pcs black plastic
Players black VS ivory robot men(3-2-5-3)
Player Rods 15.8mm chrome plated hollow rods
Hand Grips 8 each black plastic
Accessories 2pcs Soccer Balls-White

Packaging & Shipping

2 Options AvailableFor Standard Export Package, we use styrofoam slice inside the carton to reinforce the package and assure 6 sides and 1 corner are strong enough to resist the dropping from 80-100cm height. For Customized Package, you can customize the package, like mail order package which is reinforced and stronger.


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