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Snooker table,Solid wood slate style,Standard size,Professional table for sale in China-SZX

Category: Pool/Billiard table

Published: 2020-01-06


Product Details

Solid wood slate cheap price 12ft snooker billiard table

This is a professional snooker billiards, it can be used for professional matches, professional training hall, etc., amateur snooker fans can also use it.Its main material is made of SLATE and solid wood, each part has very high requirements, so the price is much more expensive than ordinary billiard tables.

Product Description

DSBT001 is a professional full size 12ft snooker table made of solid wood and 3 pieces of high precision marble slates. It comes with 8 nicely crafted legs for sturdiness and high end outlook. Table wooden frame and legs are done with paiting treatment which can provide you with more options. Mahogany / Gold / Champagne / Silver/ Taek Wood Colors are the most classic colors. Metal hooks on both sides bring convenience to place the cues.

Specification sheet

Below is the specification sheet for model#DSBT001. Hopefully, it would be able to give you more details on this product.

Table Size 12ft: 152"x81"x33"
Color Mahogany / Gold / Champagne / Silver
Playing area 40mm three-piece Top A slate
Features(1) Steel Cushion
Features(2) Uylin rubber 
Features(3) #6811 Cloth
Features(4) Real leather pocket with wider rail
Features(5) Zingara wood covered with Wilsonart Fireproof wood

HPDSB001-1 de.jpg

Details Show


4. Top rail material, Black Walnut wood, painting treatment;

5. Solid wood legs make it looking more beautiful and standing steady;

6. Metal hook brings you convenience to place your cues. 


Product Features

Snooker feature7.jpg

Solid wood raw material

  Solid wooden table legs


Q:What is the material of this table?

A:The main material is solid wood and slate,Professional snooker table.

Q:Can I customize the color?

A:Yes ,you can.

Q:Is it easy to assemble?What should I pay attention to?

A:Professional staff are recommended to install the table to avoid damage.

Q: If I have some idea on graphic design, can you help me?
A: Yes, we would be very pleased to do it. Once you have some ideas please send it to us. We would be able to assist you to finish it. 

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