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COVID-19 continues to explode and indoor entertainment goes mainstream-SZX

Update time:2020/6/18 14:03:04

COVID-19 happened in January 2020 and quickly spread to most countries around the world, global infection is now more than 2 million people, the death toll at more than 200000, various countries and policy of different measures are taken to control the development of the virus, one of the methods is the same, that is to advocate or restricted people to stay at home isolation don't go out, prevent virus infection and spread.

Finding new ways of home entertainment has become an interest, and entertainment games and indoor entertainment products have become popular.Huizhou Double Star Sporting Goods Co. LTD is a sport game table factory manufacturer, make the products including snooker table, table tennis, football and so on many kinds of products, affected by the virus, a serious loss of more than 90% of products export trade, but Double Star  is now in the peak season, order demand continues to increase, the product to meet the demand of the outbreak home quarantine people very much.Up to now, nearly 100,000 billiard game products of different types are waiting for production, and nearly 10 containers are exported every day, creating a miracle of trade export under the environment of virus.It is believed that after the novel Coronavirus ends, indoor sports entertainment will become the main entertainment for people all over the world, which will not only reduce the cost of entertainment outside but also add more fun to life.

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