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Technology, the most promising solution

Update time:2020/7/10 15:11:57

Global supply chain disruptions bear the brunt of coVID-19's many consequences.Even at the start of the epidemic, 94 percent of Fortune 1000 companies had supply chain disruptions.Supermarket shelves are empty, prices of medical supplies are soaring and supplies such as masks, gloves and ventilators are scarce, plunging many countries into crisis.

This raises the question of whether the global supply chain is already in crisis.

As the search for economic recovery scrambles, the structure of supply chains must be rethought.The resilience of global supply chains will be the focus of industry discussion in the coming years.Workshop members agreed that technology is the most promising solution and the driving force for supply chain change.

All the time, the supply chain has been in a linear form. Suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers in the enterprise operation link are isolated islands, and there is almost no cooperation between them. The final distributor has no understanding of the previous roles.

Glenn Steinberg, head of global and Americas supply chain at Ernst & Young, said the global pandemic is actually a wake-up call for companies that rely on supply chains and they must focus on three things: putting people first, large-scale innovation, and accelerating the development of technology.And those are the three things that have built our company over the last 25 years.In addition, our company not only has stable suppliers with long-term cooperation of more than ten years, but also has acquired parts factories.In the near future, it is planned to expand the industrial park and gather all suppliers in the industrial park, which will improve the supply chain, maintain the production chain, shorten the production cycle, and achieve high-quality and short-cycle service.It's DECATHLON,Argos,DICKS,JOOLA...A few big famous brand long-term the relation that cooperates with us

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