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How to restart business in China in the post-epidemic era?

Update time:2020/7/15 16:58:40

The companies participating in the survey have combined global revenues of more than $1 trillion, ranging from Chinese companies to joint ventures and multinationals.While the sample was skewed towards high-tech and web companies (55%), it also included companies of different sizes in different industries, such as automotive, finance, consumer, healthcare, media and education.

Eighty percent of companies admit to being severely affected by the outbreak, but the feeling varies across industries and sizes: Technology companies, large companies are recovering faster than expected.Tech firms recovered twice as fast and were twice as optimistic about the future as non-tech firms.Faced with the impact of the epidemic, 65 per cent of companies surveyed said they had received assistance from the Chinese government, while 45 per cent of multinational companies had received some form of assistance from the Chinese government.

The findings suggest that while China's economy has been steadily recovering, companies of different types and sizes have not kept pace with the recovery.In general, the recovery is good for tech companies and big companies;Through assistance, the Chinese government has helped enterprises recover from the epidemic, and the scope of assistance has also been extended to multinational, high-tech and non-high-tech enterprises.

The article points out that in this survey, technology companies and large companies in China show their advantages, which is consistent with the trend in the US: after decades of accumulation, large companies in the US market have sufficient reserves and are most likely to survive the economic downturn.

In addition, the gathering trend is likely to accelerate as a result of the outbreak, which could have significant implications: if the big tech companies emerge stronger and more dominant after the outbreak, one might hope that they can find a way to prevent a politically driven decoupling.With the continuous innovation of technological production and operation, can enterprises find ways to avoid the influence of "decoupling"?

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