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The 18-inch hemp darts suit can be customized in a box

Update time:2020/8/21 17:26:07

Wooden darts plate

Early darts were mostly made of wood or elm, which was troublesome to maintain and was usually soaked in water every night to prevent it from cracking out of shape.Only in Europe and the United States some very elegant bars can also see the wooden darts

Paper darts plate

The paper dial is made by rolling up the paper in a circle and adding an iron hoop.Paper plates can be said to be the cheapest ー dart plate

Flocking dart

The main backing material of the flocking dart board is also paper, but the dart board is covered with a layer of fiber.This dart board is characterized by its economy and beauty

Magnetic dart board

The magnetic dart board is made of iron. The magnetic dart board does not have a dart point. Instead, it is topped with a very strong flat-headed magnet.This flying mark is characterized by good safety, will not hurt people or damage furniture, walls.

Hemp qualitative dart

Hemp quality dart board is the modern most popular, the best quality dart board, is also the formal competition with the designated plate.The dart board is made of hemp fiber.Hemp darts are more complicated to make than other darts, with more than 10 tons of pressure to squeeze the fibers into shape, and then the outer ring is secured with iron hoists.Therefore, the quality of the flax dart board is of appropriate hardness. After the indicator is pulled off, the hole will be closed manually and its life is far longer than that of other materials

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