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Make good use of the blessing power of "Cloud Expo"

Update time:2020/8/29 15:32:13
Make good use of the blessing power of "Cloud Expo"

Due to the impact and influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the exhibition industry in 2020 has the most lively discussion but ultimately failed to give an answer to the non-cloud exhibition.
Under the epidemic, the emergency move of moving offline exhibitions to the cloud has opened the way for traditional exhibitions to innovate. The cloud exhibition has also become a new opportunity for Internet giants. With technological upgrading and model innovation, traditional exhibitions are bound to be full of new vitality. If the exhibition can be smoothly moved to the cloud during the epidemic, it will inevitably drive related industries to accelerate the resumption of work and production, and will reverse the development and growth of offline exhibitions in the future.
This year, both Tianjin and Shanghai have made great achievements with the help of the Dongfeng Cloud Conference. A high-level event can bring unlimited boost to a city and an industry. The conferences in Tianjin and Shanghai have a common feature, showing the city's image and industrial positioning, expressing the determination and deeds of city managers for the development of cutting-edge technology industries, creating an ecological agglomeration of regional industries, and promoting the development of regional economies.
Although exhibitions on the cloud are an "extraordinary move" during the epidemic, this "cloud gathering" approach will also be a major trend for the traditional exhibition industry to upgrade to digital exhibitions after the epidemic. The author believes that in the future, using the power of the cloud to support the original offline exhibition activities will find a new way for the development of the physical exhibition economy.

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