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Internet development and application promote trade development

Update time:2020/9/17 10:32:13
First, deep integration with the Internet has become an inevitable choice for all industries. The Internet has penetrated into every corner of social and economic life. Only by establishing some form of link with the Internet can all social and economic activities be better integrated into the general trend of social economy. From production and manufacturing, trade matching, to logistics and transportation, and after-sales service, all links of social and economic activities have been under the influence of the Internet, and continuous industrial reshaping and business model innovation are being carried out. In this context, only by integrating and scientifically using the Internet can any enterprise achieve better development. Conversely, whoever avoids and rejects the Internet may lose future development opportunities. Exhibition is an important trade promotion platform, and there is a broad space for cooperation with the Internet. Only by actively integrating into the Internet era and taking Internet development and application as an important opportunity to promote the upgrading of the exhibition industry can exhibition companies better keep up with the new economic era. pace of.
Second, the Internet can better realize the core values and functions of the exhibition. From the perspective of the origin and development of the exhibition, its core function is to promote trade. The most important value is to solve the three pain points of the trade process: First, it solves the problem of information asymmetry and gathers a large number of exhibitors in a short time. With buyers, it increases the choice space for merchants and improves trade efficiency; the second is to reduce transaction costs, exhibitors and buyers can contact a large number of transaction objects at the exhibition, which greatly reduces the cost of acquiring customers; Through communication and exchanges, a business trust relationship has been established, laying a foundation for the on-site and future trade.

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