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Difficult booking and skyrocketing prices,How do foreign trade companies respond?

Update time:2020/10/30 16:34:41

Difficult booking and skyrocketing prices,How do foreign trade companies respond?

In the process of the gradual recovery of my country's foreign trade, foreign trade companies continue to report that it is difficult to book shipping space and soaring prices. "China Trade News" reporters found in many interviews that, in addition to the surge in demand for shipping caused by the restorative growth of Chinas foreign trade orders, the vested advantages of leading international shipping companies and my countrys lack of international voice in shipping have also been criticized by many respondents Mentioned.

At the beginning of the epidemic, shipping companies were on the verge of danger. Many medium-sized shipping companies in the world closed down. As a result, the world rankings of other surviving shipping companies rose. Some companies merged routes, reduced capacity, and the supply side of international shipping became smaller and narrower. "In the first quarter, trade contracted severely, but in the second and third quarters, foreign trade orders from China and other countries were hot, which brought a compensatory increase in international trade and transportation, and transportation difficulties appeared in the short term.

According to industry insiders, even though China has fully resumed work and production, and European and American countries have restarted economic activities, the epidemic has dealt a heavy blow to container shipping companies. It will take time to restore normal transportation conditions in the past, plus the United States The peak consumption season is approaching. At present, it is still a high probability event for shipping prices to maintain a high level in the next period of time.

The rise in shipping prices and the increase in freight volume have made the shipping companies of major shipping companies profitable. Wind data shows that in the second quarter of this year, COSCO Shipping Holdings, China Merchants Shipping, COSCO Marine Energy, China Merchants Nanyou, COSCO The year-on-year growth rates of Haifas return to parent net profit were 53.79%, 520.93%, 5481.39%, 159.56% and 66.51%.

Taking into account the instability of maritime logistics in the peak season of this year, some foreign trade companies said that they would try their best to avoid betting on a logistics company for all cargo transportation, and make preparations for sea, land, and air at any time.

I would like to remind importers and exporters that the current price increase and shortage of containers are not expected to disappear in the short term. Everyone arranges shipments reasonably and arranges bookings in advance.

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